GL1200 carburetor rebuild kit
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    Our Barracuda Bike Parts™ and Napco Honda Goldwing GL1500 carburetor rebuild kits are more complete than most aftermarket kits because they contain all the jets.

    Honda never made OEM carburetor rebuild kits for the Gold Wing motorcycles but sold each component by piece. Carb kits were an aftermarket creation of which Napco and Keyster were the most popular brands. Our kits compare to the Napco kits, which were the most complete on the market, but we improved on the jets where Napco's were showing signs of burring that impeded flow.

    Each high quality carb kit contains only those internal application components required to replace impaired interior aperture parts that may be corroded or coated with non-removal fuel additives that are slowing or blocking the normal carburetor interior functions including any necessary internal o-rings, springs and gaskets that are usually replaced in your interior rebuilding project.

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